Montagé Band


A specialty band made up of select top-tier, guest musicians from different well-known bands, performing genres of rock, r&b, funk, top 40, pop, and soul with a twist! Elegant, precise, cutting-edge, along with world-class musicianship is the only way to describe Montagé Band; They are from some of the best bands in Florida who come together and put on one heck of a show!

You'll never know who will be on stage, for each show is different and kept a surprise, yet never disappoints! Rumor has it members of Rocket City, Blonde Ambition, Greggie and the Jets, Tru Phonic, Juiced, The Swerve, and many more are among the few talented musicians....This group is perfect for weddings, special events, festivals, and local venues. Montagé Band also performs at private events.