Christine B. is the mastermind behind BVIP Entertainment. A professional recording artist / producer / actress, she brings the sounds of New England across the nation, as well as other parts of the world. She is a fierce woman with a striking mixed ethnicity. With a 3.5 vocal octave range, her heart-felt musicianship delivers a solid performance each and every time. Professionally trained in classical, jazz, opera, and musical theatre vocal styles, Christine developed a silky-smooth, neo-soul vibe fused with pure raw, edgy soul; a unique sound which is hard to dub. She has worked with some of the best artists from around the world, and her production skills have reached as far as Germany, London, Italy, Japan, and Russia.

As of November 2019, she came on board The Victory Casino Cruises as The Entertainment A&R Consultant based out of Cape Canaveral, FL. In February of 2021, Christine joined the Classic Albums Live team as one of the touring vocalists.

Besides working on her own original creations, Christine also assists other artists in the studio as a vocal arranger, composer, and audio engineer.


Dave Burnette, "Dallas Dave," is the band's audio engineer. Hailing from California to Texas, then living in Belize for almost 20 years, Mr. Burnette is now here in Florida sharing his experience. With over 30 years of AV experience, it's no wonder that Rocket City Show Band is one of the best-sounding bands in Florida and beyond.

With a nice smooth, accented, instrument separation sound, Dave is the real deal raising the bar among other engineers. He has done audio production for national acts, including Nine Inch Nails. He is also a drummer, bass and electric guitarist. You can also find some of his original music online; as well as some of his mixing techniques on recordings for Christine B.


The band’s Musical Director, Patrick Green, known to have crazy chops on the keyboards, has performed mostly on cruise lines for years; and currently on occasion, can be seen performing with the number one international Elvis Tribute Band. Recently, Patrick became involved in the unstoppable Elton John Tribute Band, "Greggie and the Jets," based out of Florida. They will embark on a European tour very soon.

He is also a composer and vocal arranger with 5 albums under his belt. He has "show stopper" experience and is also a vocalist for Rocket City Show Band as well as in charge of assisting with creating dynamic set lists. Christine B. and Patrick also share the stage as, "Note 4 Note Duo." Patrick has been with the band since early 2017.


Jesse Moore came on board in early 2017 on drums. Our protector, our defender, and our backbone of the band, Jesse can play just about any genre of music that has ever come out. However, his natural love is a smooth-groove drummer talent, performing on many stages from theatres to the Hard Rock.

Known for his impeccable timing, Jesse keeps the dance floor busy. We were lucky to snag him up! He plays percussion as well, and uses an acoustic or electric set.

You can also catch Jesse performing with the band, "The Swerve."


Bassist Maurice Patterson is no stranger to the stage. Yes, he is truly the heart of the band! Originally from Los Angeles, CA, Maurice has performed and toured with Grammy artist, Sharon Katz.

He is a unique left-handed bass player, dubbed, "The King Of South Paw." He has performed throughout Florida, residing in Orlando, joining Rocket City in early 2016, after an audition that lasted for literally 12 measures of him playing. The band was blown away by his smoothness on the bass, and now he is not going anywhere! Sorry folks!


Arnaldo Torres is a multi-talented rockstar guitarist, keyboardist, and vocalist, and has toured around the globe performing for sold out arenas, stadiums, and the most high profile stages in the world such as Madison Square Garden, The Grammy Awards, and Saturday Night Live - most notably seen on Ricky Martin's La Vida Loca Tour.

Known to have the most decorated collection of guitars, his talent is out of this world. The passion in his playing and voice are so heartfelt, yet he knows when to turn up the heat with his native Latin flavor! Arnaldo shares the stage as a duo with Christine B. called, "Dos Locos Duo." This guy is truly amazing!!

Arnaldo is also a member of Eklectric Entertainment.

Mike Moreno, (a.k.a. "Spyder"), hails from the "Mile High City", Denver, Colorado, bringing 35 years of musical experience to Florida! He has done it all with live performances at MLB Stadium, The Orchestra, corporate, church, various bands, radio rotation, Gamerlife, 100 Shots, and studio session work.

His passion is heard in his playing, and he is now one of the guitarists for Rocket City on a part-time basis joining in 2021.

Mike is also the lead guitarist for the band, "Thunder N Lightning" based out of Florida.

Carl Lewis is a true Texas Tenor Sax Man! He has a big sound that is only matched by his big personality. He’s a Houston native who trained under the Late Great Conrad O. Johnson, and received musical training at Texas Southern University’s Summer Jazz Workshop, Florida State University, and received his Master’s Degree from Florida A&M University where he was a member of the world renown Marching 100.

He performs with The Rocket City Show Band on a part-time basis, bringing some cool melodic swagg to the mix, and intricate, mind-blowing sounds that you've never heard before!


In walks Sarah Dent, who came on board as the band’s second female lead vocalist on a part time basis in the summer of 2019; she does a lot of the band's special events and weddings. Occassionally, she shares the stage with Christine B. as a duo called, "Spot On." You can also see her perform as a solo artist, or with the band, "Juiced."

She is trained in jazz, musical theatre, along with pop vocal styles; and with her own “Postmodern Jukebox” pizzaz, she adds that special ingredient to the band, making Rocket City Show Band truly unique.


Ashwi I is from New York, and recently relocated to Florida; a visionary, singer/dancer/producer/DJ/KJ, we are blessed to embrace him in the BVIP family. This incredibly talented man has worked with artists such as Debbie Allen, Rhianna, Ashanti, Usher, Fergie, Chris Brown, Craig David, and many more.

He has appeared on HBO's, "The Night Of," and Amazon's original movie, "Still Here." He is one of our male lead vocalists for The Rocket City Show Band on a part time basis, and he is also a DJ and a KJ.


Jason Richardson is a seasoned guitarist who joined Rocket City on a part-time basis since 2018. He has toured with mainstream artists, tribute bands, and is a studio session musician as well as a writer, and producer. Influenced by soul and rock. He infuses roots into modern rock, and R&B.
You can also find him performing with the band, "The Swerve." And, wait until you hear him sing!

Alfonzo 1

Alfonzo, "Fonz" Alexander recently joined BVIP Entertainment in 2021 as a KJ. Currently, he is training as an Audio Engineer under Dave Burnette. Fonz is also a singer, personal trainer, and fronts the band, "Thunder N Lightning."

You can catch him at our Wednesday evening VIP Karaoke shows, or as one of our singers in The Rocket City Show Band for special events! We are pleased to have him on board!